Yoga About You

Visual Identity

About: ‘Yoga About You’ is a boutique yoga studio offering personalised classes for individual needs, their motto is ‘Yoga that serves you in your daily life’. At its core it is about re-establishing the connection with oneself and understanding one’s body and how it interacts with the world.

Challenge: It was important to the client that we build a strong focus on YOU into the logo icon, while portraying an authentic brand that was modern and vibrant.

Solution: The direction we took resulted in a minimalistic design style that gives the brand it’s modern, chic appeal. By experimenting with the letter Y, representing Yoga and You, we came up with a unique, stylised symbol using the silhouette of a yogi in a shoulder stand position. The primary colour, vibrant red, reflects vital energy. The secondary colours include navy blue for strength and blush pink to balance the logo with feminine energy.

Style Guide