About us

Lena Kudinova

Art Director/Graphic designer

13 years of  design experience in a publishing house, marketing departments and an advertising agency. She graduated with Bachelor Degree in Printing Arts in Moscow and completed courses in Art Direction with Ad school and User Experience (UX) design with General Assembly. Being a mum of two small children Lena has founded Soska Design to fuel her passion in graphic design and branding.

Melanie Blazevic

Account Manager/Graphic designer

Over 6 years experience working in the print and signage industry, this experience fuelled her love for Graphic Design and in 2013 she started her journey at the Design Centre Enmore, one of the industry’s go to places for design talent. She has several years experience working in e-commerce and has completed courses in Digital Marketing at Sydney’s General Assembly which give her a unique understanding of brand identity and how to apply it with in the business.

Our Story

Lena and Mel’s passion for learning is what brought them together, having both just completed courses at Sydney’s General Assembly.

Setting the tone for Soska Design’s culture, the girls met at Cronulla beach on a brilliant summers day and planned their future partnership ducking under and over the rolling waves.

Over the course of the next 12 months, they discovered that not only were they passionate designers with a real love for the creative design process, but they also shared many of the same “life values”, which has had a positive flow-on effect on the business and allowed their partnership to flourish.

Four years and four children later, they are stronger than ever with a wealth of experience behind them, a tried and tested design process and many happy customers to endorse the value Soska Design has added to their business.