My Story

I’m Lena, Graphic Designer! I came to Sydney from Moscow 9 years ago with a hard copy of my design portfolio (still keep it for my kids). I have lucky 13 years of  graphic design experience for now.

Work Experience

Illustrator and designer at Ventana-Graf Moscow publishing house.

Art-director at RT-TV channel marketing department. Was working with external advertising agencies in creating ad campaigns for RT and looking after its brand consistency.

Graphic designer at the marketing departments of IT distributor (Altech, Sydney)

Graphic Designer at DK Advertising, Sydney

Founder of Soska Design

Qualifications / Courses

Graduated with Bachelor Degree in Printing Arts in Moscow

User Experience (UX) Design Course with General Assembly

Art Direction Course with Ad school

Photography Courses at Sydney Art College

Abstract Painting Workshops at Flemington Art Studio