How I work with brands and create a visual identity


We become a member of your team with the goal to uncover things you don’t even know, you don’t know, about yourself.

  • Initial Meeting. We dedicate one hour with you to get a high level understanding of your business, it’s challenges, goals and values. You also get the chance to ask questions to make sure we are the right fit for your business.
  • Project Proposal. Providing you with a price estimate and timeline.
  • Briefing. A series of questions to get to the core of who you are and what you do. This is an essential step in our creative process, the more time and thought given to the answers at this stage directly affects the outcomes for your business.
  • Strategy/Research. Understanding your market and competitors, industry design trends and best and worst design approaches.


Creating a brand that captures the spirit of your business, that connects with you with your customers and ignites fire in the hearts of your employees.

  • Mood-board. Setting the right mood, tone of voice, the business’ culture and values. This step helps to visualise and give creative direction to your thoughts presented in the brief.
  • Sketching and setting the key visual messaging. With the chosen mood in mind we set out designing the logo. We provide you with three unique ideas to choose from. We often work with quick hand drawn sketches, which provide flexibility for change and help to focus on the concept rather than it’s execution.
  • Refining. Execution stage. It’s a stage where we go beyond conceptual thinking and go deep into our craft. Typography, architecture of the logo and other supporting graphics, colours and images come to life for your brand visual identity to flourish.


The wow stage, where everything we have talked about and visualised becomes real, documented and presented to you.

  • Application. It’s a this stage where we design all necessary promotional materials and apply the new style and logo. Standard Branding package includes business cards, letterhead, email signature design. Plenty of other options to promote your business available as well (banners, posters, flyers, newsletters, website, social media).
  • Style guide.Creating a timeless guide to centralise your business’ visual identity. A visual template to pass around your company, ensuring consistent and professional usage of your brands visual elements. It includes typography (fonts) and colours guide (PMS, CMYK, RGB), samples of all branded collaterals, metrics of your logo usage and visual guide on how to apply all brand elements.